> Prize Pool

For the 2022 season, ZUKI has been nice enough to put ZUKI Utility Tokens on the prize pool for season one. That means the five best-placed teams will each get 200 million ZUKI tokens. The ZUKI Utility Tokens are the currency used in the ZUKI Project, which can be used for creative purposes like creating games such as puzzles, polls, quizzes, opinion polls etc. These are all ways that will encourage interactivity with fans, followers and players. Each ZUKI Token is tied to the Ethereum blockchain which means it.

5 x 200.000.000 ZUKI Utility Tokens

> What Is EEWC Fantasy Manager?

Select the best drivers from the best teams in the Endurance eRacing World Championship for your own fantasy team and win grand prizes. Your drivers score points for results in both races, qualifying, and official practice sessions. And you can trade drivers with other players for points during the transfer windows throughout the season.

But, be careful! Drivers don’t only score points for being fast. Read more about the points system here.

> Live

> Leading Teams

> Most Popular Drivers

1Adam SeregeMUGEN SimRacing20
2Jernej SimoncicBurst Esport Goodr17
3Dawid MroczekBurst Esport SimPlexity15
4Naquib AzlanSEM9 Axle12
5Jimi NisulaMoradness eStars12
6Vojta PolesnyDeuces Motorsport11
7Michi HoyerBurst Esport Goodr11
8Gert NielsenTeleforeningen11
9Henri SinikMoradness eStars10
10Michele D\'AlessandroMPE (Musto - Pescara ADG)10

> Best Drivers

1Dawid MroczekBurst Esport SimPlexity1686
2Tom OldenmengerBurst Esport SimPlexity1686
3Casper HenningsenBurst Esport SimPlexity1686
4Jernej SimoncicBurst Esport Goodr1661
5Joao BarbosaDeuces Motorsport1469
6Tonnie JansenDeuces Motorsport1469
7Vojta PolesnyDeuces Motorsport1469
8Roy de MuinckOnemove Esports1469
9Michi HoyerBurst Esport Goodr1452
10Jesper PedersenBurst Esport SimPlexity1386

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EEWC 2022 Round III – Sebring – Fourth Hour

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Ongoing Investigation Delays Sebring Final Results

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EEWC 12-Hours of Sebring Qualifying Result (updated)

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Fantasy mananger update – Individual driver points

So far, all points have been assigned on a team basis, and the first question you may ask is “why?” Which one of the drivers is responsible for winning? Which […]

EEWC 2022 Round I – Matsusaka – Hour 6

We’re at the halfway point folks, and if you’ve enjoyed the action so far, there is still more to come!

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    > Scoring Points

    Drivers get assigned points by how well their teams perform in a wide variety of activities. The system is set up, so that race results and participating in races counts the most. But activities that promote the sport other than racing, such as giving interviews, publishing articles and taking part in podcasts are also important.

    For a single twenty-four-hour race the maximum points possible for a driver is 62 points for ending first in official practice, 125 points for taking pole position in qualifying, 62 points three times for leading the race at every six-hour mark and 250 points for winning the race. On top, every driver on the team gets 50 points for finishing the race. A grand total of 673 points for each driver on that team.

    Now picture the same team ending second in all sessions. That will land them 500 points. But the team manager or drivers from the team gave one interview in the weeks leading up to the race (50 points) give three interviews during the race (25 points each), one interview during official practice (25 points), an interview during qualifying (25 points), while also taking part in the pre-race press conference (25 points), publishing an article both before and after the race (25 points each).  It all adds up to a grand total of 750 points. Beating the race winners by 77 points.

    Winning is not everything. Your choices of the second and third driver in all classes should perhaps focus as much on off-track activities ad on results.

    Official Practice

    Depending on the final position in an Official Practice session, the drivers on the team will be assigned points according to the following table.

    Remember, only cars present on the server at the end of the practice session will be assigned points. If a team leaves the server prior to session end, there will be no points assigned to any drivers of that team.

    1. 62 points
    2. 45 points
    3. 37 points
    4. 32 points
    5. 25 points
    6. 20 points
    7. 15 points
    8. 10 points
    9. 5 points
    10. 2 points


    Much like practice, for the final official qualifying result, the drivers on the team will be assigned points according to the following table.

    Remember, only cars with a recorded result in the qualifying sessions will be assigned points. If a team enters a race without a qualifying result, the points for qualifying will be zero for all drivers on that team.

    1. 125 points
    2. 90 points
    3. 75 points
    4. 65 points
    5. 50 points
    6. 40 points
    7. 30 points
    8. 20 points
    9. 10 points
    10. 5 points

    Six Hour Points

    Maintaining a good track position during races is important. Precisely every six hours of racing points will be assigned after teams positions at that particular point of the race.

    During a twelve-hour race, points will be assigned after six hours and final points at the end of the race.

    During a twenty-four-hour race, points will be assigned after six, twelve, eighteen and final points at the end of the race.

    No six-hour points at race end.

    1. 62 points
    2. 45 points
    3. 37 points
    4. 32 points
    5. 25 points
    6. 20 points
    7. 15 points
    8. 10 points
    9. 5 points
    10. 2 points

    End of Race Points

    The most important part of winning in EEWC Fantasy Manager is picking drivers from teams, that can both finish and win races.

    The same points distribution is used to assign points to drivers in all classes.

    1. 250 points
    2. 180 points
    3. 150 points
    4. 130 points
    5. 100 points
    6. 80 points
    7. 60 points
    8. 40 points
    9. 20 points
    10. 10 points


    If a driver or team manager from a team partakes in an interview, the points are awarded to all drivers on the team. There are different points allocated for video format interviews for news articles between races, and interviews given via video or audio during race weekends.

    *Between races applicable only once per two weeks. During races/events only applicable once per session i.e. official practice, qualifying and race.

    • During Race: 25 points
    • Between Races: 50 points

    Completing Races

    No matter where you end up in the standings, it’s important to finish the race. Picking drivers from teams that don’t finish races will hugely impact your total points tally.

    • Completed race: 50 points


    If a team member or team manager participates in a podcast interview, the points are awarded to all drivers on the team.

    • Applicable only once between races
    • Podcast interview: 100 points

    Published Articles

    If a team submits an article, the points are awarded to all drivers on the team, when the article is published.

    The article can either be 100% composed by the team or be the product of a voice or email interview.

    *Applicable only once per two weeks.

    • Self published article: 50 points
    • Email interview article: 25 points

    Fastest Laptime in Class

    Individual drivers will get points for setting the fastest lap time of the class. These points are awarded for both qualifying sessions and race sessions.

    • Qualifying: 125 points
    • Race: 65 points

    Fastest Driver In The Car

    The driver who sets the fastest lap time of each car gets points as well. The points are attributed to the individual drivers.

    • Qualifying: 30 points
    • Race: 30 points

    Lowest Average Laptime

    In each class, the driver with the lowest average lap time gets a special bonus. This is the driver who overall covered the longest distance in the shortest amount of time across the entirety of the race.

    • Race: 250 points