Fans Vote For GT3 Le Mans Favourite

We are booting up the new “EEWC Fans” Facebook group. And one of our initial activities is asking the fans for their favourites for Le Mans. You can join the other 600+ fans in the group here

The vote is almost dead even between #585 Asetek SimSport by Volante Racing and #404 GlamRacing. And close for third was #188 Teleforeningen and #777

So here is your guess at the Le Mans podium

1st #585 Asetek SimSport by Volante Racing (34%)

Currently listed as being driven by Niels Hoogeveen, Maciej Kaspryzk, Elliso Netto, Alexander Secher, and Arda Ercan. Sadly the team hasn’t listed any more detailed information on the drivers.

2nd #404 GlamRacing (30%)

The GlamRacing driver list currently shows Henrik Hoier, Calum Wilson, Jakub Kowalski, Lee Russell, and Jef Vanniljen.

Henrik Hoier

Started sim racing in late 2006 when a friend of his introduced him to GTR2. He then got into driving in the DGTL league in 2007. His first GTR24H event was in spring 2008 at Le Mans. He has been driving for several teams at GTR24H over the years including Grenaa bilhus racing, SimTech Motorsport and Innotech (today ID Simsport). Henrik has been a staple at every GTR24H since 2008, and never missed a year, if you count that Henrik in 2009 was a pit crew, not a driver.
Henrik has been driving gtr2, Rfactor 2, Iracing and Race07
In 2013 Henrik won the GTE class at the GTR24H event together with Innotech.
In 2018 Henrik won the Virtuel endurance championship LM-GT division 3 with Alexander van der Woude and SimTech Motorsport.
Henrik has not done any real-life racing, he doesn’t even have a driving license.
Henrik loves sim racing and likes to set goals for himself, so he gets better and faster, and his goal in sim racing is someday maybe winning another EEWC event.

Calum Wilson

Age 30 (born 1992) – Nationality British
Calum has been playing racing games since F1 2002 came out on PC! However, despite playing with the Codemasters F1 games, never decided to invest in sim racing until 2017.
Calum picked up a quick play seat challenge, a cheap Ferrari wheel off eBay and was hooked and has been entering casual sim leagues since whilst having long and hard battles with team-mate Lee Russell over the course of the last 3 years! (The rig has also been heavily updated since then too!)
After doing some mini-endurance leagues with World Sim Sports in 2019 and finishing runner-up with 2 wins and 5 podiums in 8 races, Calum is excited to take endurance racing a little more seriously.
Favourite car in sim-racing is the Porsche 911 RSR GTE and in real life, it would probably be his Mini JCW. Dream car is a Datsun 240z.

Jakub Kowalski

Also known as Kuba Kubica, is very passionate about racing simulations. He began with Geoff Grammonds Grand Prix 2 in 1996 with a keyboard, his first racing wheel was a Logitech Force EX, which he used for about 3 years playing F1 Games and Need For Speed 3,4 on PC until ca. 2000. Kuba then did not have a PC until 2010 and played Console racing games during this period. After playing Codemasters F1 2010 on Xbox, he decided to buy a PC, a wheel the Logitech G27, which he still uses today, the Pedals were upgraded to Fanatec V3 in 2017.

Lee Russell

Age 41 – Nationality British. An experienced and successful sim racer who has been racing for the best part of 15 years.
A multiple-race winner in various championships and a rfactor stalwart since the early days. Lee has the opinion that to be the best, you must learn to drive anything fast no matter how difficult it may be.
Lee has entered many endurance series including the GTR24H 24hr of Spa 2020 together with Henrik, which was GlamRacing’s first race.

Jef Vannijlen

Age 43 – Nationality Belgium, also known as Jeeve79, is very passionate about video games in general since he was a child and especially simulator games like race sims and combat flight sims like DCS World.
He has always loved racing games from the very first time he saw Pole Position on the Commodore 64 when he was 6 years old. From Geoff Grammonds Grand Prix and Stunt Car Racer on the AMIGA and then into PC gaming, when that became a thing, he was all over it. Sportscars GT – Grand Prix Legends – EA F1 – Simbin GT Legends – Nascar 2003 – Rfactor1 – Live For Speed – Assetto Corsa…
He ran Iracing for 2 years but when he went back to Rfactor2, he realized how good it feels on the limit and how connected you are with the car.
He bought an MS Sidewinder Force Feedback 2 joystick in 1998 and a Logitech G25 in 2006 and still uses these on a daily basis. According to him, it just won’t break and he has no excuses to buy anything else. The leather on his G25 rim has worn away in places but got it patched up with bicycle handlebar tape.
Jef has been racing leagues since Nascar 2003 but really got hooked into it thanks to Rfactor1.
In the 20 years, he has been racing, he has won thousands of races and dozens of championships but his main focus is on having fun. Something that gamers today sometimes forget, is having fun.
He believes that the only way to have fun in sim-racing is to set your ego aside, leave room and respect other drivers at all times. He used to like to mentor new drivers, but lately, he is more focused again on competitive racing against very skilled drivers, people like his teammate Lee Russell.
Jef considers himself as a very good all-round driver and enjoys racing vintage racecars with loads of power and low grip. He says you can learn a lot from driving those and lots of people are missing out by not driving them.
Jef has been painting skins for racecars for over a decade and is now also for DCS planes and helicopters.
He is a huge movie connoisseur and can talk about movies for hours.
His favourite driver has got to be Jacky Ickx and his favourite car would probably be a Detomaso Pantera, but he also likes Porsches and BMWs a lot.
He did shortly retire but he has come back to help.

3rd #777 (15%)

This entry’s lineup is currently consisting of Karl Lykkegaard, Michael Ciccolini, Steven Salgsgaard, Mathias Hårvig, and Mads Hedegaard. And we have got something special for the driver presentation. We got some awesome videos of the drivers presenting themselves.

Karl Lykkegaard

Age: 39 years
Experience: 15 years
Favourite car: Mercedes 190E
Favorite track: Nordschleife
I have always played car games. Since 2000 with steering wheel and pedals. In 2007, I went online with a PlayStation 2 and started driving Toca race driver 2.
I stayed faithful with my PlayStation until 2017, when I bought a computer, from there on out, my sim racing hobby became a bit more serious. Since I switched to the computer, I have been participating in series both in Iracing, Rfactor 2, ACC, and Project cars 2.
I believe that I am quite good at all of them, but master of none.
I have participated in a lot of endurance, but I really prefer sprint races. What I like best about racing are the fights. Can I just have fun, and a good close and fair fight with other drivers, then you see me with a huge smile on your face, then it kind of doesn’t matter if the fight is about 1st and 2nd place, or 8th and 9th place.
Of course, the goal is always to win, but you also have to be realistic, or else you just get disappointed over and over again. But here in the EEWC series, I think a top 3 ranking can be done. We will fight all we can, and the car has the speed to make it possible.
His best result to date is 2nd place in GT3 class, 2020 EEWC.

Michael Ciccolini

Age: 59 years
Experience: 5 years
Favourite car: Callaway Corvette
Favourite course: Spa
Have always been interested in motorsports, but virtual racing started for me in 2017 due to a post by the coffee machine at my new job, where some guys met virtually every Wednesday and drove some races on PlayStation, the game was Project cars, I borrowed a PS4 and bought the game plus a set of Logitech G29.
PS4 was replaced with PC, and Rfactor2 came into the picture with participation on a GT3 team for EEWC LeMans, we finished last, but somebody must have that position.
I prefer to do races that extend beyond just a single or two pit stops, as it involves a good portion of strategy and tactics. It is probably also related to the fact that I am not fast on a single lap alone, I am better in the long run. ?
Since I’m not brand new anymore, and most likely will not be head-hunted as a sim driver for Ferrari or Mercedes, my level of ambition is therefore also reasonably low, I just want it to be fun and have a great time on the virtual racetracks.

Steven Salgsgaard

Age: 39 years
Experience: 7 years
Favourite car: Callaway Corvette
Favourite track: Brands Hatch GP
Back in 2015, I started with a set Thrustmaster T300, not long went on before I had worn this setup out, therefore I soon invested in a new set, and this time I went for G29.
I became fond of my Logitech set, which I ended up owning and using for six years before I switched to the Simagic ecosystem.
I started driving Formula 1 and ProjectCARS on Playstation, I later leapt over to PC and have not looked back over my shoulders more than once maybe, or maybe twice.
I like it best when we team up for Endurance races, then something magical happens. That magic is something I definitely do not want to be without.
Sprint races are fun and give me a lot of experience to bring with me into the future, therefore I participate in many different forms of racing, among others via iRacing.
Concerning EEWC, I dream of 1st place in the GT3 class for the 2022 season
Best result to date is 2nd place in GT3 class, 2020 EEWC.

Mathias Hårvig

Age: 14
Experience: 2
Favourite car: Dallara IR18
Favourite course: Spa Francorchamps.
It all began with me starting to watch Formula 1 and from there on out, I was just hooked on everything called Motorsport. So I dealt myself with a Used Logitech g920 and mostly I just raced for fun, that would be in games like PC2 and F1.
Since then I have upgraded my equipment to be Simucube Cube steering wheel, combined with Heusinkveld pedals. and last but not least, changed the software to Rfactor 2.
Since then I have started participating in races through Rfactor 2 software, I also train with Burst Esport and I compete in races for one of their sponsors, RacingRoom, in series like Formula sim racing Academy and Gpvwc Academy. And I also participated last year in the #777 Lmp2 car at GTR24H LeMans.
I’m into a bit of everything like Long Distance Endurance racing and sprint racing with some pit stops here and there. They are each different in themselves whereas in Endurance races there are more classes on the track to navigate through traffic and only focus on your class instead of another class.
My ambitions are to be able to further develop my driving skills and get up and racing among the best. And win races, and just enjoy being part of a team.

Mads Hedegaard

Age: 30 years
Experience: 1.5 years
Favourite car: BMW E60 M5 V10
Favourite course: LeMans
My career started 1.5 years ago when I helped a team in the EEWC series. I sat in the pits for the whole 24-hour race at Matsusaka. It caught my interest right away and couldn’t get started fast enough. I ended up buying a Thrustmaster T300 RS, and a pair of shoes were placed under the back wheels of my office chair, since then I just kept developing on my sim rig..!
It has continued to gain momentum with more and more expensive gear, and the lap times have improved a lot since the upgrading began.
Here I must clearly say ENDURANCE RACE / long-distance race. It’s definitely here I believe you are challenged the most, many different classes to fight with when you are on the track. And then there is the fact that you have to be able to function as a team, here there is room for both fast and skilled driving on a team. But also for those who are not fast but stable and consistent.
My ambition is always to win, no matter what I participate in. If you do not have that as your ambition, I see no reason to participate in anything.
I hope one day we can call ourselves winners of the GT3 class.

EEWC Round 6

The show will get roll of the blocks on October 27th at 20:00 CEST. It will be live on both Facebook and YouTube as well as with And you will find the recorded race available on the apps and platforms of any of our eleven TV channel partners.

And don’t forget join the other 600+ fans in the EEWC Fans Facebook group here

About The Author

Peter Munkholm
When John Nielsen won Le Mans 24-Hours in 1990, Peter was hooked with motorsports. He started sim racing on his uncles PC with Formula One Grand Prix by Geoff Crammond in 1992. Then progressed through IndyCar Simulator and IndyCar Simulator 2 on his Amiga 500+. When he bought his own PC in 1994 and a Microsoft Sidewinder Force Feedback Pro Joystick he was already deeply in love with sim racing. His first skirmish with light modding was a Pernod Anis blue, white, and red skin for IndyCar Racing 2. He was hooked! But sim racing really kicked off for Peter with Sports Car GT in 1999. And with internet access and what felt like an ocean of mods. Sports Car GT and the F1 simulators with endurance racing mods swallowed most of his spare time. Then the GTR mod for F1 2003 arrived on the scene, from some Swedish dudes who called themselves SIMBIN. That would change everything! Right about then was also when Logitech steering wheels reach a state of useful. So when the GTR game officially released Peter bought a Formula Force GP wheel the same day, went home and founded the Danish Grand Touring League (DGTL). In 2006 the first LAN event was held. This became GTR24H in 2007. As they say. The rest is history!

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