GlamRacing welcomes new driver and new partnership for Le Mans 2022

We are happy to welcome Jarrod Van Der Weide as our new driver for Le Mans 2022.

Jarrod has driven rFactor2 but has in the last couple of years focused on his master’s degree in Archaeology, but he is more than ready right to get on the track and do some endurance racing.

As a joker Nick Newcombe from Deuces Motorsport Club is joining us for this race – Thank you so much Nick.


GlamRacing and are partnering up for the season finale at Le Mans and for the upcoming 2023 season of GTR24H’s EEWC. is an Oslo-based company whose main focus is wrapping and preventing stone chips.

Everything is done by hand and all the wrapping is hand fitted.

Wrapping the car makes it more resistant to stone chipping and weather.

Both and GlamRacing are excited about the partnership and the upcoming races.


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